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Demonstration in Dubbo

My Partner and I went to see Marcia whilst she was in Dubbo for demonstration. I was my first time going to a psychic and I must say I was skeptical. Marcia connected with my grandparents and my father who had passed only 10 months ago.

She didn't know my circumstances but mentioned financial difficulty and the fact we had been to the bank and accountant, she would't have known that we were trying to sort things as the drought has hit us really hard.

Marcia spoke about an incident on my family farm just last week where police were called, she wouldn't  known this - someone was stealing fuel from our property and we went down to sort it out, she mentioned that guns were fired ( 2 warning shots) to get off our property.

I was amazed and in tears and love to see Marcia when she is out here again.

Brendon. Dubbo

Few mediums understand and represent the spirit world as wonderfully as Marcia Quinton.

From trance work through to spiritual healing, survival evidence and psychic insight, Marcia has mastered them all. 

More importantly, she respects every facet of spiritual work and by example, encourages her students to do the same.

I have always been amazed and inspired watching her work.

In my early years of mediumistic development, I was directed by my spirit guides to seek out and learn from ‘The trance Medium, Marcia.’

Those words were one of the few earthly directions my guides ever gave me regarding the development of my abilities and came at a time when I was struggling to find my feet as a practicing Medium.

My guides knew that if Marcia taught me, I would be well taught.

That my guides in the spirit world recommended her speaks volumes for her ability and dedication in helping others unlock their mediumistic potential.

I followed their advice and never looked back.  Marcia taught me to respect the spirit world and to never lose sight that a life of spiritual mediumship is a life of service and healing.

Marcia is an authentic voice for the spirit world. I am honored to call her my teacher and my friend.


Ezio De Angelis - Medium 2018


Good Morning Marcia, I have seen you several times over a long period and just wanted to confirm how amazing you are. About 8 years ago I had a reading in which you predicted that my younger son would at the age of 36 be married and have a small child. At the time I thought that impossible due to his dedication to work and lack of time or interest in girls. Scott was married almost 2 years ago and turned 36 in May and his son was born on 2nd August. Coral. August 2017

My First visit to Enmore Spiritualist Church was in 1995.

I can remember seeing Marcia on platform for the first time. How powerful and radiant she was when giving messages to people from their relatives and friends in spirit. How they all responded to these messages full of emotion, recognition, and love. Such a powerful love and warmth filled the church flowing around us all. The feeling of connecting with people, who shared the same spiritual beliefs was an overwhelming feeling of coming home.


I sat weekly in an open class with Marcia for over a year, she was the only spiritual teacher I wanted to work with. Marcia asked me to join her weekly closed class, I was overjoyed, as her classes were filled with the love of spirit.

Marcia being a Trance medium, would often channel her spirit guide “Red Feather” who shared his wisdom and guidance with us.

Witnessing and sharing spiritual development in our class was such an amazing experience and the friendships that bound us together in this, were unique. I will always treasure the memories.


Whatever Marcia organized, be it Spiritual development or Trance Mediumship classes, Healing workshops, Spiritual Dedication/Spiritual Naming Ceremonies, or answering requests from people in the community to clear negative energy in their homes, to be a part of and experience her amazing gifts was an awesome experience.


Marcia would often have healing evenings a monthly basis, some used Reiki healing, others spiritual healing, all was accepted, the energy that built up in these sessions was blissful and calming.

At one of theses sessions, a friend and I were giving healing to a woman, as my hands moved above her, I got a sensation of bubbling energy over her chest, and to the side of her body. It was practice giving feedback to the person we were healing.

My friend saw her entering a large building and described the building to her, and she also saw her talking to a man, and described him.


The woman returned to the healing session sometime later, to say that she visited her doctor and on investigation the doctor, sent her to a specialist where she was diagnosed with a lump in her breast which when removed was cancer. She also confirmed that the building she went to was as described and the specialist fitted the description of the man, she saw talking to her.


I loved my time at the Enmore Spiritualist for 10 years. But nothing stays the same life changes and I needed to go with these changes. I happily took what I have learned with me to the country and continue to pass on what I can, from all I have learnt form Marcia who I cannot ever thank enough for her generosity her love compassion and caring. I thank Spirit for these many Blessings that came into my life.

Ashara 2017


During the past 3 years Marcia has become my Spiritual Doctor, providing a sound diagnosis each time. Not afraid to tell how it is, Marcia always provides me with the tools and information I seek when we meet. Her gentle and open nature makes it easy for the guides to impart their message. Remaining professional, Marcia adds her humor and warmth to every reading. I look forward each year to hearing what Marcia has to share with me. A gift to us all representing the spiritual counsel, we celebrate with Marcia in this life. If you are looking for a true and genuine spirit, then let Marcia guide you and open your heart to receive the message she has. You will be glad you did."

K. Wilson NSW February 2016




"From time to time, we have all visited a variety of psychics and trance mediums in the search for answers to our basic questions of why, when and what if's?  While we or the masses may view this as blind faith, there is a comfort for me and many others that someone does exist in our world devoid of ego with a selfless dedication to spiritual service that puts others first before her own needs. 

As someone who has traveled the world and have met many people in this realm of service, I am blessed to have found an exceptional gifted trance medium and psychic in Marcia Quinton.

What's interesting about Marcia is you won’t hear her coming down the street, or in some hallway entrance or class she is hosting, or at some spiritual fair banging on the drums to announce her arrival. She is a humble soul. A gift to us - she drifts in like a gentle wind, quietly, the only sound she delivers is what is communicated by spirit. 

 Her ability to translate the messages from spirit, quenches the needs and inner thirst of her clients and students with gentle encouragement and humor creating a warming atmosphere of gentleness, and caring, thus allowing for a more deeper understanding of the message that has been delivered. Seek her out my friends for she has a true gift of love from spirit." - P. West, NSW


"Marcia gave me a reading at Linking Two Worlds. From the information given to me I was able to link with my father-in-law who is still here. I was given that there were health problems and he had difficulty in walking, which was exactly what was happening at the time. I was told that there had been a misdiagnosis and that the medication had to be changed.

As a result of the reading I sent my father-in-law an e-mail (he openly accepts the reality of the spirit world). As a result of the message and my e-mail he took action to request further tests and changed his doctor to get a second opinion as he was still in a lot of pain with his current medication and could no longer drive (he is 78 and likes to get around in his car still).

 He was sent to hospital where they did further tests and in fact they did find that he had been misdiagnosed and had been given the wrong medication. With this new diagnosis and his medication changed he is now pain free, he can drive again. He also wanted me to let the medium know who gave me the information regarding the diagnosis and changing the medication was so correct and to thank her for helping." - Silvana


"Marcia is the reason I stepped onto the Spiritual Path after she successfully healed a skin condition I have had for over 20 years, which was considered incurable by Medical Specialists." - Shirley Darby


“Marcia is a wonderful public speaker and demonstrator of her many gifts of mediumship. She and her guides provide great clarity with much love and humor whether giving Survival Evidence, Spiritual Teachings or Trance Mediumship. Marcia is one of the few teachers of Trance that I am aware of and her ability in this area is very special and individual. Anyone who has heard her bringing through individual souls with their different personalities, voices, accents and humor will remember and treasure that experience.” -Mary Trewhella,  Spiritual Artist NSW



 "Attending one of Marcia's shows was such a special treat for me and my friends visiting from overseas.  We heard that Marcia had an amazing gift from Spirit and we wanted to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  What a fantastic evening!  Marcia did not disappoint! She was able to give most everyone in the room a special message from Spirit or a loved one.  It was thrilling to listen to the messages that came through for the audience members. Thank you Marcia for this incredible opportunity.  Marcia is a true professional with an open heart and a genuine love for 
all." - K. R. D., NSW




"I first saw Marcia work at a Mediumship Demonstration Evening "Message Between Two Worlds" and I was blown away by her accuracy of details and connections. When I saw her hosting a psychic development workshop at Heavenly Energies I was lucky enough to grab a spot and was certainly not disappointed. Marcia is amazing! Not only is she talented, authentic and sincere in her work with Spirit but she is a fantastic teacher. She has a natural ability to connect with her students and makes them feel at ease and comfortable while sharing her vast knowledge. I left the class feeling inspired. I look forward to attending more workshops in the near future." ~ Kirsten X 2015




"I have been seeing Marcia for about 2.5 years now and she has been such an amazing gift. She has had great insight to my future business and told me about 6 months before it began to happen. Since then I have sought her guidance from Spirit to check I am on the right path.

Every time I see her I am always surprised at what spirit has in store for me! I follow the guidance and each time doors open and people come into my life just at the right time so I can fulfill my path here in the physical world. Life is such an adventure and I thank you Marcia for all you have done for me, your kindness and spot on guidance from loved ones has been worth more than money could buy." ~ Sam December 2015






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