Red Feather Lodge

School of Psychic and Spiritual Studies

Red Feather has been my Spiritual Guidance since I commenced in this work. He has supported me all through my development. It was with Red Feather that I developed my Trance Mediumship and during this journey I learned to trust his judgement and enlightenment always.

My first contact with Red Feather was when he came through me as the channel, well, I was shocked but I had an amazing Teacher in Val who taught me much to assist with my development. The Trance experience was amazing and confusing at the time as it was new to me.


During the years I spent at Enmore Spiritualist Church I was teaching Development Classes and later Trance Development Classes with his help. We also ran an open circle sometimes with 20-30 students. The numbers always varied.  This was a challenge but with the help of spirit, it worked. I also started workshops within the church which helped raise funds and all activities in the church were to support the church financially.


I have worked many years with Red Feather and I dedicate this school to him for the endless support his wonderful teachingsl his ability to always love and his gentleness, He has influenced many souls over the years.


The School has been in operation for over 10 years as I have worked with him for a long time along with many other teachers. Spirit has  come and imparted their teachings, knowledge and wisdom so it has been a constant developing classroom where ever I am. He has helped many others without my presence as this is his dedication for this journey. I am blessed with his strength, his courage, his wisdom and teachings and I always have his love.

Teachings at Red Feather Lodge


  •  Trance and Channeling Classes

  •  Psychic and Mediumship Development

  •  Meditation Classes

  •  Healing and Energy Sessions

  •  Spiritually Inspired Writing Classes

  •  Usui Ryoho Reiki 

  •  Spiritual Development



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