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Trance Channeller
Reiki Master
Rescue Medium

Spiritual Counselor

Workshop Leader

 Home Blessings

Spiritual Ceremonies


Marcia Quinton has been an International Clairvoyant and Medium for over 35 years.  She has met with thousands of clients to support and guide them on their spiritual journey.  Marcia is also a powerfully advanced Trance Channeller, Reiki Healer, Rescue Medium, Spiritual Counselor and Workshop Leader.  


Marcia has amazing communication abilities that were gradually developed with the help and support of her guide, Red Feather. When in England, she had the privilege of demonstrating her extraordinary ability in Stansted Hall while studying in a group for Trance Mediumship.  


Over the last 35 years, she has since made regular radio, tv and countless charitable appearances.  She has instructed some of the finest Mediums in the Sydney area.  Her highly regarded professional prominence is shared throughout the spiritual community. 

Public Demonstrations of Mediumship
(Evidential Clairvoyance)

As a Clairvoyant, Survival and Evidential Medium, Marcia brings loved ones from the other side to link with their loved ones in life.


Marcia is able to create a bridge between spirit and life and is able to pass on  information that she is given. This provides opportunity for spirit to bring evidence and assistance to their loved ones in life. This may take on any form; as it's a memory link between a loved one and spirit communicator - they may simply wish to be remembered or wish their loved one a happy birthday. They are aware of current events and will let you know about these as this constitutes evidence. 


Marcia believes that our loved ones from spirit are here to support us and help us with comfort, advice and guidance as well as letting us know they are there, just as most would in life.  

"They show their personalities and often use humour when communicating. This all helps to create a strong link."  - Marcia Quinton

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