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"Soul Pathways is a series of writings based on wisdom's, both ancient and modern, to provide life guidance tools to walk well light pathways on a personal journey of enlightenment.

This collection of inspirational thought endeavors to bring strength and empowerment to all those who have been guided towards spiritual consciousness.At all times contributors seek to encourage, to guide, to comfort, and inspire. In essence Soul Pathways reveals a commonality of spiritual experience by its writers as each page reveals a universal truth.

A richer and more beautiful collection of spiritual writing I have yet to encounter.  - Danny May


“A remarkable insight to Marcia Quinton’s ability to connect with Spirit. Her insight and wisdom in knowing shines through her words and pictures in this little delightful read of Soul Pathways. I loved reading about her group of friend’s spiritual journeys as well. So much inspiration and love comes through her words when I revisit this book again and again.” - Taryn Vasilev

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