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Welcome Friends

Marcia Quinton has been an International Clairvoyant and Medium for over 40 years.  She has met with thousands of clients to support and guide them on their spiritual journey.  Marcia is also a powerfully advanced Trance Channeller, Reiki Healer, Rescue Medium, Spiritual Counsellor and Workshop Leader.  Marcia is a passionate Inspirational writer.

Marcia is well known for her Trance Mediumship where she has worked with her guide Red Feather, who made his appearance within the first year of development. Since then many visions have come to Marcia from her experiences with him during her journey from childhood.

One such memory was an Indian floating above her as a baby and he had a mobile moving around in the air with small toys on it, in those days there were no mobiles around.


Marcia life has been one of many lessons along the way, which has provided her with growth and development.

Having always been sensitive and grew up with this awareness starting as a young child and not fully understanding what this meant or what it was. Only later to find out that it was a gentle spirit who was influencing her throughout her young life.


She had extraordinary experiences with her dreams and now understands that some were were  journeys to the spirit world where she was developing, often waking up with sensations of falling or metallic tastes in her mouth and recalls details of her journeys around the world when waking but had never physically been there.


She started writing stories about things she was too young to understand and had no connection with anyone who had those experiences.  On one such occasion a teacher asked if she had ever been to Hawaii due to the fact that Marcia had just described the exact runway landing in Hawaii in a story she had written for school.  


It was only when she became an adult that she began to understand that she was being influenced by something more powerful other than daily life. She became aware of her powers through some experiences she had with others when she was in her training to be a nurse.

During her early years in nursing Marcia suffered a bereavement a great loss in her life this opened a doorway, and started her on a journey investigating what it was that made her instinctively aware of things beyond the ordinary life and in search for a connection with her daughter.

That sixth sense led her to a gathering of people.

A chance connection with an English friend who shared her mothers experiences in England with a spiritual healer who cured her broken ribs. This opened a door for Marcia to follow as she had been searching for answers due to the loss of a loved one.

This lead Marcia to the Enmore Spiritualist Church and it was here that many answers to her questions were answered.

On entering the church she was overcome with the over powering sense of coming home and it still lingers today. 


Marcia spent the next 34 years developing and working as a medium, teacher and healer at the church providing others with education and the opportunity to grow in understanding of the afterlife, spirit and to help them develop their gifts. Later becoming  Reverend of the Church.

It was at a time when the spiritualist movement was still in the shadows, so the church acted as a light house for many struggling to understand what was occurring and stirring in their lives. It opened a door for many seeking a relief of their grief and loss of their loved ones.


It was here that she met many of the people who influenced her growth and development about spirit and mediumship and acquired many, many friends. 

One of those gracious friends was Margaret Dent who became a mentor for Marcia.  

Margaret was someone who was an incredibly gifted Evidental Clairvoyant,Medium with strong abilities in many other areas. They remained friends for many years.  

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