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Red Feather Lodge

School of Psychic and Spiritual Studies

Student Corner ~ Channeled Writings



Dear Ones, 

Whenever one hears the word boundary, think of the vastness of your soul and the journey within, as your mind races towards your inner journey. Reflect on the endless possibilities that lie ahead for you, feel and breathe in the essence of beauty in your spirit and those around you.

Be lost in oneself, not in the why or maybe's, but in the essence of your own stillness, for this is where your true self and answers lie. Rejoice, smile like that of a new born child who gazes with love into the souls of its parents with an inner knowing of belonging. 

It takes but one moment, thought, to open the inner gate of our imposed boundaries, time to set yourself free.  

Love and Light to you all

~ Paul W. 


We have created boundaries around ourselves, to protect us from our fears and from the unknown. 
Let love shine down on these boundaries to dissolve them away and to allow the light of spirit to shine in and around us to warm our souls with the love of God.

Kim H.



As far as energy is concerned, there are no boundaries - all is one - and boundaries are created by humans - to make things into two, but really, we are one.

Boundaries cause a separation, in some cases needed for protection and to be respected. On the whole as far as I am concerned, there are no boundaries.

We are all ONE.

~ Corrie S.





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