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Inspired and Book Writings

Marcia has always been inspired to write ever since she was a child at primary school. Literature has always been a great part of Marcia's life. Spirit has joined her over the years with many inspirational and channeled messages for life. Marcia now enjoys seeing others write amazingly inspired and channeled messages from spirit.


As a child, I wrote an amazing story "I Never Want That to Happen to Me Again," title given by my teacher.  I wrote about a man having had a massive car accident and ended up in a wheelchair and eventually died.  I am sure that he - in spirit - inspired me.  I can still remember sitting up till midnight until it was completed. It has stayed with me as it was so strong.  I was only 7 years old, and at that age I had not had any experiences like that ever in my life.

Writing with spirit is amazing as it's so different to your own thoughts and thinking process.

Excerpts from Soul Pathways
There are nine beautiful Souls who have Enriched the pages of this little book. Each developing their gift working with Spiritual Guidance. It's a credit to them all as they inspire me to keep teaching to see such love and light enter the world through so many.
You are but a Rose in my Heart.
You are the rose within my heart that shall always Bloom in the love that I feel for you - it shall last forever.
You gave me so much joy and happiness that it tugs at my memories right now, spilling over into words that flow onto this page. They are not enough to express the love I feel or the moments I had with you, or the radiance of your beautiful soul that ever so briefly touched my life and my heart with such joy.
You, my sweetheart, left way too early, long before your time, and I was not ready for your departure. You left ever so abruptly. One moment I held you, loved you, touched you and then, in a whisper of the word "Mum", you were gone forever from my life, leaving such a vibrant memory in every other way.
I tore my heart in two, and still to this day, its fragile with just the thought of you.
I buried my heart the day it buried you, and for a long-time life was empty, and cold, as your sweet smiling face no longer looked up at me with love and such trust. I know I never failed you as I could not have loved you more, but your memory lingers in my life and my heart like the sweet perfume of the rose and will forever.
The power of love, how it can hold your life still, and yet hold your heart powerlessly in its hand, in beauty, for eternity. You were loved then, and you are loved now and always.
Channeled By Marcia
A gift in the Memory of her daughter Traci who passed.

Let my Soul Soar.

Looking down on my physical body from high above, feelings of gratitude wash over my soul. Though the path I have walked so far has not been easy, I am grateful for the lessons learnt.

Moving forward on my journey will be easier now, knowing I have let go and forgiven myself and others, lightening the load.

Judgement and expectation are a weight that will no longer drag my spirit down - it has no place in my world.

Channeled by Shauna O'Donnell.

Psychic/Medium, Reiki Master

Light of the Soul

In the light of the soul, I grow.

In the light of the soul, I get hope.

In the light of the soul, I shine and believe.

In the light of the soul, I love and relive.

Channeled Nadia Rise

Psychic/Medium, Trance Medium. Tarot Card Master.

​Channelled  Writings

I am Love Seek Me and You will always find me.

No matter where you go my heart will always find you. My love is an endless stream of energy flowing around you and through life. I am the Creator; I am The Divine and I love you.


No matter where you are I shall seek you out, wrapping you in my love. I am a restless energy I am everywhere I am love.

16/10 2021

You know who I am, reach for me, touch me, hold me, be with me for I am always with you. For I am the breath of your being.


Love is an emotion that lives with us always, it's there deep within and a great comfort knowing it can and does embrace us and others at any time. Its powerful living vibration a true blessing.



Lord, lift up our hearts and help us to see the light.

Help us to love one another, not to bring hurt and heartache.

Help us to learn to be at peace with each other, to ease each other's suffering,

To be unafraid to reach out or turn to each other for comfort. 

Let your love that you feel for each other, heal each other pain.

Feel strong to seek with Love instead of anger and frustration. 

Be able to bathe yourself in the Love of God, so you will feel a refuge.

A place to be safe, wrapped in the warmth of God's love. 


9th August 2003

A Spiritual Blessing

Enlightenment comes in all forms.
It is one of the greatest gifts that an individual can bring into their lives as they travel their Journey upon the earth. 

The richness of this discovery, that you seek the Light, is indeed a rich and powerful seed that you have cast into your lives. 
To seek enlightenment is to grow and become more fully conscious of the awakening and the journey that lies ahead of you.

That you have sought Enlightenment is indeed a rich and powerful goal for you to contemplate in this life.  

How very special the path is that you find yourself upon; rich in spiritual reward with amazing opportunity to advance your inner personal and spiritual growth.  To nurture this through the service to others supporting and helping where you can. 

This is where your soul awakens and opens like the flower to the sunlight.  As the light shines softly down upon this beauty that opens from within, a cloud of love pours forth dusting life with particles of this love. 

How wonderfully gifted you are as you receive this blessing.  Knowing that the journey ahead may be filled with struggle, but you will endure. Aware that it will increase and enhance your inner personal and spiritual growth despite the struggle to continue to serve, not only thine own needs but the needs of may who will cross your path is a ray of love and desire far too great for you to ignore.  

As your life progresses, the struggle will become "The Enlightenment."

The journey that lies ahead may be difficult, but you will never be alone as there will always be the blessing of God's love in the Arbour of his light and along the way many spirit friends will gather serve, guide, support, assist and help you and all who touch your lives in any way that they can.  

Be ever patient and remember that you first must serve yourself and be kind to this earthly body as it has a rather arduous long journey ahead.  

God's blessing shines upon you all here today so take care and consider well the undertaking ahead of you.  Before you accept the path, pray and contemplate this decision.  I trust you have already well considered the receiving of the spirit and gift of love through the spiritual blessings from spirit.  

This, I am sure, is what you all richly deserve.  My love and blessings are scattered among you.  Accept this gift for it is pure and a light ray that emerges from the depth of our heart.

My souls ever loving light wraps you in the garment of love that all spirit wear."


January 2003

Excerpt from Marcia's new book SOUL PATHWAYS
Now available

Beginning the Journey


As I unknowingly transverse along the path of life, fulfilling my life’s journey taking the directions flowing around me, I am caught unaware, that in a breathtaking moment all is changed.

I feel the stirring of my mind longing for that change, I begin each day seeking and searching for what I do not know, nor do I understand this intense feeling.

But the energy and power within and around pulls at me all the time, so I begin a journey into the unknown. I open myself to meditation, I need to view my life, my path, my journey, slowly my consciousness begins to awaken, my thoughts begin to change,I am aware of light, light forms appearing.

I am aware of my own heart beat and vibration, aware of my breath, and the of the very core of my being. My thoughts are so crystal clear, I feel the pulse of life deeply all around me so much more clearly. Within I feel the beat of my heart, reminding me of life, and beating in rhythm with all around me.

In my growing awareness I begin to reach deep, I long to touch this unknown part of me to explore and know what it is that is stirring beyond my reach.

I feel the power from this inner source moving silently within, it is a blur of light an awareness that merges into my mind, surrounding me, its total silence is overwhelming yet it speaks to every part of me,the flood of light awakens within me a pulse of energy so pure and so shatteringly beautiful.

I am unable to breathe or move with its pureness, its power and its simple patience with me

I stand frozen in time unable to move,In that moment of hesitation I feel whole as if a part of me has surfaced and completed me.




Trance Channeller
Reiki Master
Rescue Medium

Spiritual Counselor

Home Blessings

Workshop Leader
Spiritual Ceremonies

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