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Inspired and Book Writings

Marcia has always been inspired to write ever since she was a child at primary school. Literature has always been a great part of Marcia's life. Spirit has joined her over the years with many inspirational and channeled messages for life. Marcia now enjoys seeing others write amazingly inspired and channeled messages from spirit.


As a child, I wrote an amazing story "I Never Want That to Happen To Me Again," title given by my teacher.  I wrote about a man having had a massive car accident and ended up in a wheel chair and eventually died.  I am sure that he -  in spirit -  inspired me.  I can still remember sitting up till midnight until it was completed. It has stayed with me as it was so strong.  I was only 7 years old, and at that age I had not had any experiences like that ever in my life.

Writing with spirit is amazing as its so different to your own thoughts and thinking proces

Excerpts from Soul Pathways


The Journey of Two Souls 

      by Ernest M. Henry


In the beginning we were one energy, light, part of a

collective consciousness all merged together. 


The time came for each soul to descend to human form

Me in one life, you in another, no memories came with this life,

just an inner knowing to find each other and reconnect as one.


Two souls, one heart, two journeys, departing at different times.

At a given point we would meet again and be guided back to

source and each other.


Centuries went by, and as the cosmic clock ticked over, spirit called, it was time to come together.

It was time to work together as one again. But how would we know, Then one day a chance meeting,

a momentary glance, for all souls and Twin Flames are given this chance of re connection,  2 souls in recognition of who and what they once where.


Two souls now burned brightly as twin flames both on their individual journey and apart. A door had opened we had both walked through, as do all twin souls not knowing what lay ahead. For this is the karmic magic of the journey, glimpses of our beginning emerged, and the pull of each soul was felt, like earth’s strong magnetic pull, the connection was re-established.


We each stood before the council of 5, brilliant colored lights emerging from them, a love felt from them like no other. We were shown the many lives we had and work we had done and still needed to do, it’s not your time yet to come home. The keeper of records asked will you fulfill your karmic destiny and assigned missions.


We intuitively answered yes in unison. In a moment we were allowed to see all the universe in its glory from its beginning, a kaleidoscope of stars and planets, a collection of consciousness of all souls, a deep sense of inner peace enveloped us, we were floating above the ground, transparent with sparkles of light.


Before me stood one of the 5, the brightest of lights, all in transparent white emanating out immense love, a voice was heard within my whole body all souls are of divine love, that is who you are, all souls eventually find themselves through the actions of their heart, and selfless service to others, go tell all, for everything that needs to be achieved is through this space, so close your eyes our brothers and sisters of light and travel with me to your heart, I am always here in your heart space, emanate your divine love from here always to the outer world. 


We closed our eyes and through our hearts we merged with source and many souls, at this point we were pure light, immersed totally in an indescribable love never felt before, this is your home, this is where you come from.


Go back and teach from your heart, be not afraid, for there are many in pain who have lost their way & self-love within. We will always guide those that are open & ready with purposeful intent, for their hearts must be open to surrendering and letting go in order for them to find their own door of self-realization .


The forefront of their journey within starts with this step, help them to find their way and open them up, by been of service to all that come your way, for this is the journey and purpose of the twin flame in service to others, yourself, spirit and each other.



Marcia believes that spirit has always been aware of the what trials humanity would be facing with the progression of time and have sent into the world Light Workers to elevate the conscious mind and touch the spirit of others, and to help open the minds and hearts of humanity to their full potential.

Didn't God in the Bible send Jesus to help his people? To me, this is help in the form of Millions of Light Workers performing his miracles with thousands of souls responding to the light becoming aware and integrating a form of light and energy into their lives.

We all believe in the Creator and Creation, however we worship, preach, believe or understand our own faith of choice, it should always be of love for one another. For those who choose to hurt or make others suffer walk outside the boundary of the very creation and their foundations of that faith.

Becoming conscious of their own suffering and illuminating the suffering of others and reaching out a hand and sending prayers, pure purpose filled thoughts to give help and ease the pain


​Channelled  Writings


Lord, lift up our hearts and help us to see the light.

Help us to love one another, not to bring hurt and heartache.

Help us to learn to be at peace with each other, to ease each others suffering,

To be unafraid to reach out Or turn to each other for comfort. 

Let your love that you feel for each other, heal each other pain.

Feel strong to seek with Love instead of anger and frustration. 

Be able to bathe yourself in the Love of God, so you will feel a refuge.

A place to be safe, wrapped in the warmth of God's love. 


9th August 2003

A Spiritual Blessing

Enlightenment comes in all forms.
It is one of the greatest gifts that an individual can bring into their lives as they travel their Journey upon the earth. 

The richness of this discovery, that you seek the Light, is indeed a rich and powerful seed that you have cast into your lives. 
To seek enlightenment is to grow and become more fully conscious of the awakening and the journey that lies ahead of you.

That you have sought Enlightenment is indeed a rich and powerful goal for you to contemplate in this life.  

How very special the path is that you find yourself upon; rich in spiritual reward with amazing opportunity to advance your inner personal and spiritual growth.  To nurture this through the service to others supporting and helping where you can. 

This is where your soul awakens and opens like the flower to the sunlight.  As the light shines softly down upon this beauty that opens from within, a cloud of love pours forth dusting life with particles of this love. 

How wonderfully gifted you are as you receive this blessing.  Knowing that the journey ahead may be filled with struggle but you will endure. Aware that it will increase and enhance your inner personal and spiritual growth despite the struggle to continue to serve, not only thine own needs but the needs of may who will cross your path is a ray of love and desire far too great for you to ignore.  

As your life progresses, the struggle will become "The Enlightenment."

The journey that lies ahead may be difficult, but you will never be alone as there will always be the blessing of Gods love in the arbour of his light and along the way many spirit friends will gather serve, guide, support, assist and help you and all who touch your lives in any way that they can.  

Be ever patient and remember that you first must serve yourself and be kind to this earthly body as it has a rather arduous long journey ahead.  

God's blessing shines upon you all here today so take care and consider well the undertaking ahead of you.  Before you accept the path, pray and contemplate this decision.  I trust you have already well considered the receiving of the spirit and gift of love through the spiritual blessings from spirit.  

This, I am sure, is what you all richly deserve.  My love and blessings are scattered among you.  Accept this gift for it is pure and a light ray that emerges from the depth of our heart.

My souls ever loving light wraps you in the garment of love that all spirit wear."


January 2003

Excerpt from Marcia's new book SOUL PATHWAYS
Now available

Beginning the Journey


As I unknowingly transverse along the path of life, fulfilling my life’s journey taking the directions flowing around me, I am caught unaware, that in a breathtaking moment all is changed.

I feel the stirring of my mind longing for that change, I begin each day seeking and searching for what I do not know, nor do I understand this intense feeling.

But the energy and power within and around pulls at me all the time, so I begin a journey into the unknown. I open myself to meditation, I need to view my life, my path, my journey, slowly my consciousness begins to awaken, my thoughts begin to change,I am aware of light, light forms appearing.

I am aware of my own heart beat and vibration, aware of my breath, and the of the very core of my being. My thoughts are so crystal clear, I feel the pulse of life deeply all around me so much more clearly. Within I feel the beat of my heart, reminding me of life, and beating in rhythm with all around me.

In my growing awareness I begin to reach deep, I long to touch this unknown part of me to explore and know what it is that is stirring beyond my reach.

I feel the power from this inner source moving silently within, it is a blur of light an awareness that merges into my mind, surrounding me, its total silence is overwhelming yet it speaks to every part of me,the flood of light awakens within me a pulse of energy so pure and so shatteringly beautiful.

I am unable to breathe or move with its pureness, its power and its simple patience with me

I stand frozen in time unable to move,In that moment of hesitation I feel whole as if a part of me has surfaced and completed me.




Trance Channeller
Reiki Master
Rescue Medium

Spiritual Counselor

Home Blessings

Workshop Leader
Spiritual Ceremonies

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