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"My country is the universe, my home is the world, my religion is to do good, my heaven is where ever a human heart beats in harmony with mine." - Thomas Paine, Lyceum Manual



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Marcia Quinton has been an International Clairvoyant and Medium for over 35 years.  She has met with thousands of clients to support and guide them on their spiritual journey.  Marcia is also a powerfully advanced Trance Channeller, Reiki Healer, Rescue Medium, Spiritual Counsellor and Workshop Leader.  


Marcia was born and raised in NSW Australia and had a wonderfully free childhood out in the brilliant countryside. While this provided an opportunity for her spirit to grow freely, the lessons in life started very young and growth came quickly.  Being one out of nine children, life was never easy but always interesting!


Marcia has always been sensitive and grew up with this awareness starting as a young child and not fully understanding what this meant or what it was. Only later to find out that it was gentle spirit who was influencing her throughout her young life. Sadly, her family had no connection or understanding of the spirit world.


She had extraordinary experiences with her dreams and now understands they were astral journeys to the spirit world where she was developing, often waking up with sensations of falling or metallic tastes in her mouth and recalls details of her journeys around the world when waking but had never physically been there.


She started writing stories about things she was too young to understand and had no connection with anyone who had those experiences.  On one such occasion a teacher asked if she had ever been to Hawaii due to the fact that Marcia had just described the exact runway landing in Hawaii.  


Major changes occurred to her around the ages of 12 and 13.  Her life path was dramatically altered several times and moved her in completely different directions. 


It was only when she became an adult that she began to understand that she was being influenced by something more powerful other than daily life. She became aware of her powers through some experiences she had with others when she was in her training to be a nurse.


That sixth sense led her to a gathering of people on at least two occasions using a glass and alphabet to communicate with the spirit. On each occasion the glass flew across the table quickly spelling out names and messages for all to see.  She felt her finger was literally glued to the glass and could not move it.  She was also aware at the same time the glass was moving, she was receiving strong thoughts in her head before the message could be written and this did startle her!  This energy could not be controlled as at first the messages were clear then became very muddled.  At this time, she decided to leave this way of communicating alone, as it was not comfortable.


Marcia then moved forward in her career as a nurse.  She did not venture back to work with the spirit world until she had a bereavement that rocked her to the core of her being and left her deeply lost and searching for answers.  Sadly, during this time of bereavement, Marcia had become very ill.  Returning to work became her salvation.


A year after this illness she had an interesting connection with an English lady who was telling her about her mother who was connected to spiritualism in England.  She told Marcia of how she believed in spirit and that she always sought out a healer to "fix" her and she never saw a doctor.  Marcia shared her experience of losing her child and through this Marcia was guided to look for a Spiritualist Church. Marcia found Enmore Spiritualist Church.  From the first moment she walked into the church, she felt like she had been called home.  It was a very powerful, unique and comforting experience.  Marcia spent the next 30 years developing and working as a guided medium and teacher at the church to help others and provide education for those who had the gift of awakening as mediums.


It was there that she met many of the people who influenced her growth and development about spirit and mediumship and acquired many, many friends. One of those gracious friends was Margaret Dent who became a mentor for Marcia.  Margaret was someone whom she felt was a gifted and natural medium and had strong abilities in many areas. They remained close friends for many years.